Signature lipstick for luxury Parisian brand


Two Create design iconic
cosmetics for the couture
Parisian brand.

The aim was to create a luxe objet d’art that would be a status symbol and icon of the future for the brand. The result is a modern, refined fashion accessory. The discreet monolithic black lacquered sleeve of the lipstick conceals the elegant barrel, emblazoned with the emblematic Givenchy 4G logo. The black grosgrain ribbon references Givenchy’s couture heritage and is used to remove the barrel from the sleeve with the most feminine of gestures. 

The lipstick won a Wallpaper Design Award in 2008 and a personal accolade from Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH.

Two Create continued to work with Givenchy, translating the design across new formats including the Phenomen'eyes ball brush mascara in 2008.

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