A makeover for the nation’s most trusted beauty brand.


The UK’s leading beauty brand ask Two Create to re-design the full range of Skincare, Cosmetics, Suncare, Bathing and Men’s grooming products.

No7 launched in 1935 and still growing in popularity in the 21st century, has become one of the nation's most loved beauty brands. To redesign such a trusted cosmetics range requires a bold creative vision, combined with real respect for nearly a century of tradition.

Having won the pitch in 2008, the relaunch is the fruit of a four-year collaboration with the brand. Two Create were challenged to modernise the aesthetic to appeal to No7’s existing loyal followers whilst opening the doors to new. It was necessary to consider global appeal, as No7 is now sold in 19 international markets worldwide. In addition, the designers were asked to add more coherence across sub-categories, to improve navigation at the point of sale and in use, addressing functionality and practicality where necessary.

The vision was to create a more youthful and confident No7.

Two Create designed a signature form for No7 with cleaner curves and sharper edges, and a series of brand principles and guidelines. Each of the 70 pack formats was then re-designed in line with the new form and rules. Pewter replaced gold on pack and colours were introduced to aid navigation between skin types and product category. The No7 logo was scaled up and cropped on cartons, reflecting a bolder and more confident tone of voice. A new typeface was selected and the logo and copy left aligned for a modern look. 

In addition to the core skincare and cosmetic lines, Two Create re-designed No7’s Washing & Bathing range to be more luxurious and sensual, whilst No7 Men’s has become cleaner, more professional and more masculine.
No7 users were involved throughout the entire design process. Research not only steered functional elements of the structural design, but also gave an insight into the way women navigate beauty products in-store and at home. This gave way to new systems for the range.

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