A fresh look for Australia's most loved Indian sauces


Bringing authentic
Indian dishes home

Passage to India was created by Indian chef and company founder, Chris Doutre, to bring the flavours of restaurant quality Indian dishes to your home.

In collaboration with our Australian partner, Multitudes, Two Create were asked to rebrand and refresh Passage Food's award winning selection of Indian simmer sauces. The ambition was to make the Passage to India range more relevant to today's food savvy consumer, to reflect the quality of the ingredients and to retain the brand's position at the top in a busy and competitive market place. Market research gave insight into navigation patterns within the supermarket, it became clear that the range is shopped primarily by colour, which became an important element to retain. The Indian 'banquet' was used as a theme for art direction of the food photography and to highlight the social side of Indian cuisine.

The new range is in production and due to hit the supermarkets shortly.

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