Two Create prototype steel mirrors in an experimental new finish.


Two Create design limited
edition steel mirrors for
Max Fraser’s Design UK II

For the Design UK II journal Two Create designed a set of 3 mirrors entitled Polished Concept. The mirrors were designed with 4 folds, locking the structure with the last.

The resulting form can be angled on either of the 4 faces creating various viewing angles.

The stainless steel was provided by Avesta Polarit with an experimental high frequency polished finish. The finish is so highly polished it is comparable to glass mirror.

Extract from Max Fraser’s Design UK II Journal, published by Conran Octopus.

“The appeal of these designers is their ability to redefine function with the invention of new forms, while considering realistic production capabilities and commercial implications. Their designs have a quirky appeal and beauty that suits a gallery environment as well as an interior setting.”

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